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 - Woodblock Print Art Exhibitions

Woodblock Print Art Exhibitions
Sakata City Museum of Art in the city of Sakata, Yamagata prefecture   Jun 5 - Jul 19, 2004
 Autograph session and mini talk show
 1:00pm~ , 3:30pm~  Jun 20

 - TV appearance

Tokyo MX TV "Walking with Your Dog"
Every Sunday 10:00 ~ 10:30 AM
[Re-broadcast] Every Wednesday 10:00 ~ 10:30 PM
Every week Judy and her dog, Pearl, invite celebrities from all fields to her program with their dogs. It is most interesting to watch the guests when they are around their loving dogs... more...

 - Judy Japon- Kimono Exhibition

"Judy Japon- Kimono Exhibition"
Judy designs Japanese kimono's using her woodblock prints as motif. She calls it "art to wear." This because when the kimono is on display, it looks like Judy's woodblock print itself. Judy's design breathes new life on the traditional kimono and has given the kimono world that is known to resist change and evolution, a fresh breeze and a new trend... more...

 - Golden Horse Award

"Golden Horse Award"
The Golden Horse Award is the Taiwanese equivalent of the Academy Award. Judy was the youngest actress to receive the Best Leading Actress Golden Horse Award. However, at that time, Judy was not able to attend the award ceremony. This year, the committee made a special arrangement and invited Judy to sing for the ceremony, the theme song for "Love Can Forgive and Forget." ... more...

 - Latest CD information

Album "O2" (Released Jan. '02)
O2 is Judy's first self-produced album. Judy invited composers and lyricists from all over Asia to collaborate on O2. O2, or "oxygen," is the theme. O2 is what every creature needs.
.. more...

 - Radio appearance

"Judy Ongg Asian Dynamics"
TOKYO FM  Every Sunday morning 5:45 ~ 6:00 AM
K-mix)  Every Sunday morning 4:45 ~ 5:00 AM
 Every Saturday morning 5:45 ~ 6:00 AM
This is Judys program recorded at FM Tokyo. Judy introduces the music of Asian countries and talks about current news and hot topics.
.. more...
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Walking with Your Dog

Judy Japon- Kimono Exhibition

Golden Horse Award


Judy Ongg Asian Dynamics
Judy Ongg Asian Dynamics